Sunday, August 14, 2005

Awesome camping experience

And now about my amazing, unbelievable and awesome camping trip … u won’t believe that we had a classic experience out there in the forest (it was a national park kind of thing). We had carried 4 tents with us and we had lots of food stuff with us and we started on Friday late evening at around 7.30 and we reached there at around 10 and after reaching there, we found out that there is absolutely no light at all…. Only electric and water hookups were there, so we went to nearby town and we brought 2 small tube light… aur tab jaake hamare zindagi me ujala aaya ;0) so in meantime some people started setting up the tents. That job was also enclosed with great fun… that tent was totally disassemble and we need to assemble it out. So after huge amount of effort and engg. Knowledge, we could able to set it up and at the same time some of us started preparing BBQ chicken and some of us (veggie guys) started eating veggie stuff…. U must be thinking that how many people were there actually? So the answer is 19 ….yes 19 including 3 kids. And my job is to help all of them in their work. Taste of that BBQ was also superb … and after that we started chatting and chatted till 4 in the morning…. Sahi naa… aur baad me so gaye…aur sabhi 8 baje tak utha bhi gaye… strange!!! … mi sudda !!! aur baad me mast Omelets banaya grill pe …. Tea , omelets and sandwiches… mast Breakfast kiya… fir hamane woh State park dekha…. Waha ek Bridge tha… classic tha… purane style ka tha… and in the afternoon, we left that park….. nahi nahi aabhi journey complete nahi huyi…. Aab asli maja aayenga… so from that O’leno state park, we went to some other place … kyuki hame TUBING karna tha…. Now I know, u will ask that “what the hell is the tubing” …. So listen. It means u need to put the tube on the river water and sit on it and start your odyssey from upstream to downstream, current of water in the river is slow and u r going with the current of stream towards end… yes it is Natural River and it is surrounded by dense forest. That was my first encounter with such a weird thing. But I was very excited about it because this sounds very adventurous and exciting. And indeed, it was worth. After that crazy, funny, exciting thing, we went to Krisna temple which was very near to that place. That temple was really very nice one. I didn’t expect it that good. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, after such a wonderful day, we started our backword journey. Sahi thi naa hamari trip…

Baal ki dukaan

I still remember the place where I used to go for my haircut in my childhood. And I still remember the price for the haircut, it was Rs. 5, yes seriously I am not joking. It sounds very cheap, isn’t it? It is TRUE! I used to pay this small a-amount every month to my barber. Not only this, I used to get all hot news of my town – free of cost; surprisingly, knew each and every news in the town. As years passed, the price of my haircut increased and increased and increased...
After my schooling, I had to go to Pune for my engineering. So in Pune, cost of haircut went to 25. Suddenly, cost is increased by 20 Rs. (GOD!) So for first few months I used to do my hair cut once in two months. And my frequency for going home was also two monthsJ. Obviously after few months I got habituated to that Pune-price.
For few years, it went like this. And once again, the price increased. Now it has become Rs. 645. Oh my god - this much??? Where the hell you are doing your hair cut? Heh, I am in USA now, and here price for haircut is $15! I fail to understand why do they charge this much.
I cannot stop thinking - people are same, work is same, even hair are same. But price doesn’t stay the same L